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Lecture 14

RELI 100 Lecture 14: RELI 100 Lecture Notes 14

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George Mason University
Religious Studies
RELI 100
David Dakake

RELI 100 Lecture Notes 14 315 AD Constantine • Makes Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire for his own political efforts 325 Nicaea • Figure out scripture • Determine who Jesus is Goyim 1. Can’t fornicate 2. Can’t eat food from idols 3. The nature of Jesus • Who was Jesus Arians • Christians who take their name from a Christian bishop named Arius o Said Jesus was a man, not divine Homousia • Means of one substance with the father • Begotten of Gods before all world Nestorians • Rejected the idea of Mary’s divinity Nestorius Protestant Movement Martin Luther • A Catholic monk • Writes protests against the Catholic Church • Nails 95 points of protests to the church door • Message spreads because of the printing press • Protested against: o The church getting wealthy o Church owned 1/3 of Europe in the 16 century • Indulgences o Guaranteed a c
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