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Lecture 16

RELI 100 Lecture 16: RELI 100 Lecture Notes 16

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Religious Studies
RELI 100
David Dakake

RELI 100 Lecture Notes 16 • Muslims say revert instead of convert to Islam o Islam is the original religion • There is no compulsion in religion o Cannot be forced to be religious Ramadan • A month long fast o No liquid or food from the time of dawn until sunset that day • A form of remembrance of God Eid al-Fitr • A celebration at the end of Ramadan Dhikrullah Kaba • A building in Mecca • Means cube • Built by Abraham and his son Ishmael o Abraham had Ishmael from his wife’s servant ▪ His wife couldn’t have children • Wife gets jealous • Abraham sends Ishmael and his mother south o Believed that they reached Mecca • Kaba is a building to the one God Hunafa • Originalists o Religion of Abraham and Ishmael Jabal Nur • The mountain of light Jibril • Gabriel Iqrah • Recite • Angel tells prophet to recite the name
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