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Lecture 13

MGS 3400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Ingratiation

Managerial Sciences
Course Code
MGS 3400
Kelly Anne Grace 

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Chapter 13
Leadership power and Negotiation
o The use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward
goal achievement
o The ABILITY to influence the behavior of others and resist unwanted
influence (e.g., refuse action, voice opinion)
o NOT always used
Types of Power
o Organizational:
Legitimate Power: position of authority (e.g., job title, rank)
Reward Power: control over resources and rewards (e.g., raise, job
Coercive Power: control over punishment (e.g., fire, demote)
o Personal:
Expert Power: expertise, skill, knowledge (e.g., doctor, lawyer)
Referent Power: affection, admiration, loyalty (e.g., politician, celebrity)
o The use of an actual behavior that causes behavioral or attitudinal changes
in others
Most frequently occurs downward (managers influencing employees) but
can also be lateral (peers influencing peers) or upward (employees
influencing managers)
Types of Influence Tactics
o Rational Persuasion: using logical arguments, facts or data (useful in upward
o Inspirational Appeal: connect to the targets values and ideas
o Consultation: target is allowed to participate in decision making
o Collaboration: working together to complete request
o Ingratiation: using favors, compliments; being friendly (i.e., sucking up)
o Personal Appeal: request is based on personal friendship or loyalty
o Apprising: what is in it for YOU (the target)?
o Pressure: coercive, threatening
o Coalition: enlisting help of other people
o Exchange Tactic: requestor offers reward/resource
Power and Influence in Action
o Leaders can use their power and influence in a number of ways, including:
Navigating the political environment within the organization
Resolving conflicts within the organization
Negotiation within and between organizations
Organizational Politics
o Actions by individuals that are directed toward the goal of furthering their
own self-interests
Political Skill
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