COM 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Total Communication, Paul Ekman, Vocal Folds

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7 Feb 2017

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Nonverbal Communication 1/11/17
Chapter 1 - Five Perspectives of Nonverbal Communication
Perspective 1: Defining nonverbal communication
o Refers to communication affected by means other than words
NOTE: Taking in all information during a conversation and bringing it to the
forefront of the brain in order to process what the other person is saying and
what they imply
o Tough to separate verbal and nonverbal communication
o Encoding: a signal being produced
We create messages in three ways (speech gestures)
Arbitrarily: no relationship to the non-verbal message
Iconic: non-verbal has some connection to what we mean
Ex: sticking out tongue means different things
Intrinsic: non-verbal message can stand alone
Ex: nodding head
o Decoding: interpreting a signal that has been received
Perspective 2: Classifying Nonverbal Behavior
o The communication environment
Physical environment
Lighting, temperature, comfort level
Switching classrooms from tables to desks
Spatial environment
Expected behaviors in certain environments
Interaction space (where things are placed)
Spaces between people
Switching classrooms smaller room means closer seating
o The couicator’s physical characteristics
Body movements and positioning
Gestures: independent and dependent
Positioning = space, tilt of chin, turned towards or away
Straighter (high standing) or more hunched over
Follows positioning
Assume things about status
Touching behavior
Playing with hair
Cracking knuckles
Itch nose
Preening (grooming)
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