COM 210 Lecture 4: NC 1 27

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7 Feb 2017

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Nonverbal Communication 1/27/17
Chapter 4 Environment
Perceptions of our surroundings
o Formality
Informal vs formal
o Warmth
Warm vs cold
o Privacy
Private vs public
o Familiarity
Familiar vs unfamiliar
o Constraint
Constraining vs free
o Distance
Communicating more freely with a larger space in between
EX: concerts, you have to speak very closely to each other to heard one
o Complexity
Complex vs simple
o Dominance
Places you feel you have more control
o Reacting to environments
The natural environment
o Other people in the environment
Think of stores and cashiers
People see you as part of an environment until you interact with them
o Color in an environment
o Sound
o Lighting
o Movable objects
o Structure and design
Questions on page 28
o 1. Bathroom stalls separate each person (think of a school bathroom), at a fancier
place there are couches and complimentary water and lotions and things to stay awhile.
o 2. Front door of family home: pictures everywhere, somewhat messy, little kids toys
everywhere, very homey
o 3.
o 4.
Perceptions of time
o Time as location: when something is supposed to happen
Time of meals
Hugs at the exact time you needed it
find more resources at
find more resources at
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