MUS 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Multitrack Recording, Bass Drum, Percussion Section

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7 Feb 2017

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History of Rock and Roll 1/13/17
Rock Instrumentation
Rocket 88
o 4/4 12 bar blues
12 Bar Blues: Twelve, four-beat measures with a repeating chord progression.
o With an 8 cut off verse
o “iple ese eause o hous ods do’t epeat
Simple Verse Form: sections of changing lyrics (verses) played over a repeating
section of music.
In this case, the repeating section is a 12 bar blues, but could be other
rhythmic/harmonic structures.
o The instruments in any ensemble are chosen to flesh out three elements
Rhythm unit of musical time; the beat/pulse
Drums, beat samples, etc.
Harmony ultiple otes plaed siultaeousl; hods ad iffs
Guitars, pianos, synthesizers, etc.
Melody notes played (or sung) individually to form lines, liks, phases, et.
Guita solos, ioli, saophoe, sige’s oie, et.
The rhythm section
o Rhythm section is a term often used to describe the instruments that create the
rhythmic foundation of an ensemble
o The most common lineup consists of drums, bass, guitar and/or keyboards. Auxiliary
instruments and vocals are added to this section to create different layers of sound
o Bass drum: tpiall plaed o the do eat i ok usi, o eats  ad  i sogs
that have 4 beat measures.
o Snare drum: tpiall plas the off eat o  ad .
o High-hat or ride cymbal: plays a constant pattern, twice as fast as the number of beats
in the measure.
o Tom-toms: tpiall used fo du fills, o peussie iteludes that lead ito/out of a
section of music.
o Auxiliary percussion: regular rhythm (whole time), tambourine, cowbell, conga,
clapping, anything that makes sharp percussive sound
Human drum-kit
o Exercise (class broke into three)
All about that bass
o Bridge between harmony and rhythm
o Simple rhythmic patterns to mark out time but you can hear them most out of chord
o In rock, the bass is the bridge between harmony and rhythm within the music.
o Bass players play notes that firmly establish the chord progression in a way that
becomes synchronous with the groove that the drummer has established.
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