MUS 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Roy Acuff, Bessie Smith, Plessy V. Ferguson

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7 Feb 2017

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History of Rock and Roll 1/20
Country/Western and Rhythm/Blues
How Rock and Roll came to be
o Jazz and Blues used to be called Race music
Both kinds of music: Country and Western
o Came from Ireland/Scotland
o Used to be called Hill-Billy music as an offensive term
o Country
Ralph Peer was the first to make the famous first generation of country music by
o Western
If you’re thikig of ooys hile listeig to this usi, it’s ester
Old timey
Jimmie Rodgers
o The “igig Brakea traeled on the railroad and hit the brakes if trouble was
o Used the railways as inspiration for his music
o Almost as big as Bing Crosby
The Singing Cowboy
o Their personas were ridiculously inaccurate with rhinestones and glitter and fringe to
portray a persona. Added to the romanticisation of the American West,
Regional Country Radio
o Would play he NBC as’t playig their thigs.
o WBAP set the base for the Grand Ole Opry
The Grand Ole Opry
o This is what turned Nashville into the country music center
o Roy Acuff was discovered by Ralph Peer
o Took the Tin Pan Alley business model for recordings instead of sheet music
o Bluegrass is closer to country than folk
Hank Williams
o Crown jewel of the country music industry
o If you were to remember anyone, remember him
o Known nationally because of the Louisiana Hayride
o Everyone loved him until they found out he was a pill popping drunk who died on the
way to a show
R&B Roots
o Race music
Meant nothing about musical content (could be about anything but if it was
written/played by a colored person it was called race music)
Plessy V Ferguson
o Treated the same way in music
o Separate, rarely equal
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