WRT 310 Lecture 14: Notes on Max’s Presentation (WRT 310)

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WRT 310
Christopher Haven

Notes on Max’s Presentation + Discussion Analysis of “Self Portrait as a Vampire Trying to Read Twilight on a Cross Country Flight” by Amorak Huey Presentation: Allusion ➢ The title of the piece includes a direct reference to the Twilight series ➢ A subtle vampire reference towards the end of the poem: “the taste of blood?” ➢ The narrator references “this book” … Twilight. Is the narrator reading the novel solely out of boredom? ➢ How much do we know about the narrator? o Male/female? o They are frustrated with how twilight portrays their kind o They are going somewhere o “Eternal headache” ? Humor (as an effect) ➢ Twilight was and is lampooned for its unique vampire mythology ➢ Imagine vampires actually exist, and they more akin to Dracula as portrayed by Bela Lugosi, and they see the series being published ➢ This affects how the reader views the narrator and looks at the text ➢ The vampire is intrigued at the very end by the intensifying of the smell of blood around them o “Pulses quicken, backs straighten. whisper: burning, my darlings, burning” o Is the vampire sadistic in some ways? ➢ Language - “every story gets it wrong about you…it’s the living that slices and crawls and undoes.” o Do humans, from their perspective, make it hard to be a member of the undead in the modern world? Metaphor ➢ Cross country plane ride  eternal life of vampire ➢ Marriage in shambles  remind a vampire of their lost loves? ➢ Physical journey on a plane  life journey? ➢ Does the language in the poem reveal this, or is it implied? direct vs. indirect language ➢ Is the crossword puzzle a metaphor for a failing relationship/marriage? ➢ Does the vampire see their prior selves in the couple? o Does their undead nature make them a target for social judgment? o In the world of the poem, are vampires common? akin to the film Daybreakers? Dissonance (as an effect) ➢ There
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