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Lecture 3

ANTH 2501 Lecture 3: ANTH 2501 – Jan21

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ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 12116 Gender is socially variable Linked to historical and social processes Meade was agitating for suffrage and representation in places that had excluded certain gendered bodies Held back in her career because of systematic discrimination against women Her work and herself as a historical figure falls in to first wave feminism Marks an important shift into second wave feminism Most important work of hers that marks that shift is the book were reading in class Sex Temperament Argues gendered differences in the societies she studies. (look at old notes) This idea was revolutionary at the time she wrote this book Genders are not something we are born in to Not locked in to it by virtue of our biology Rather we are made to be men and women No intrinsic or universal gender system Gender systems are shaped by different social and historical contexts They are social constructions o Meanings and practices are not inherent, universal, fixed, static rather produced through social relations Does not mean gender is not real or factious Social constructions are socially shared and have impactsinfluences. Shape show societys culture, polities, people function o Deeply imbedded, powerful o Shape us in ways that were are unaware of and assume that is natural o Shared; circulate o imposed Ex: race is a social construct; money; behavior; time; systems of morality (universal human rights) also hegemonic; education; history; language Draws distinction between sex and gender this is crucial to a great deal of subsequent work in feminist and gender studies sex is understood to be differences that are based on biologicalanatomical differences (genitalia)
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