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Lecture 4

ANTH 2501 Lecture 4: ANTH 2501 – Jan26 Waves of Feminism

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George Washington University
ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 12616: Waves of Feminism Recap of last class: Sexgender differences how they are socially constructed Points Meade makes through her work: o Sex is not biological but sociocultural o Not born into but made into our gender o Different societies have different systems of gender o Undercuts and challenges arguments that women could not do certain things because of their intrinsic qualities o Shapes 2 nd wave feminism Emerges during great intellectual and political movements late 60s 70s Civil rights movement Anti war movement US foreign policy shifts People argued Vietnam war was imperialistic in nature Student movements in Europe in regards to the way society functions. More redistribution of wealth. Student movements in France Foucault These movements spurred theories enviro issues, women, gender, gay rights, activism against American foreign policy, rights of people of color 2nd wave feminism seek to expose sexism in public and private sphere. Intellectual and scholarly as well as activist (combined) Said existing bodies of scholarship are not objective and biased against women Different from 1 wave feminism (which focused on suffrage) nd o 2 wave said being included and being involved is not enough. There is systematic discrimination Gloria Steinem (radically challenge hegemonic gender rolesideas; studied women in media playboy), Eleanor Roosevelt nd 2 wave feminists were socially relatively homogenous o young, white, college educated middle class women getting access to places but still marginalized in those spaces want to question and challenge the status concerning women convinced that knowledge and politics are intimately intertwined
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