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Lecture 6

ANTH 2501 Lecture 6: ANTH 2501 – Feb9 Structure Vs Agency

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ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 2916 Structure vs. agency The veil Practices not just limited to Islam Practice exists in other groups Men also veil Cultural and historical factors for veiling not just religious duty Gulf states > Saudi veiling is mandatory, Kuwait is not. Kuwaiti women veil and wear the abaya to differentiate between themselves and noncitizens Forms of veiling o Niqab o Chador o Abaya o Burqa o Also vary socially culturally Muslim feminists debate about veiling being restrictive or not Egypt > veiling allowed woman to work publicly freely, go to school, transportation, etc. Puts emphasis on womens accomplishments and personalities rather than physical looks Vehicle for selfexpression Agency of empowerment AbuLughod piece Romancing the Resistance structure vs. agency debate Written after her ethnography o Finds changes among awlad ali o Young women saving their earnings and buying more fancier and expensive outfits o Women buying lingerie o Face creams o Makeup items that their mothers and grandmothers didnt use Some people called this changes linked to modernizationwesternization Young awlad ali women had new areas to express their individualities, etc. Pleasure in new styles
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