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Lecture 8

ANTH 2501 Lecture 8: ANTH 2501 – Feb18

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ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 21816 hooks those who are most victimized by gender and sexist hierarchies are the majority pattern in feminist work experiences of some woman = generalized to all women existing feminist scholarship doesnt examine if certain womens realities are true for others o no emphasis on raceethnicity 2 ndwave feminists had no understanding of white supremacy as a racial politic existing focus on a common oppression is understood from a particular vantage point (experiences and perspectives of white middle class women) o creates other form of oppression in race, class and sexuality some even critiqued them saying you are an educated black woman, you dont represent all black women women of color are treated as objects and remain unequal and inferior by being marginalized, it has an epistemological effect o different way of seeing the world o producing counter hegemonies o resonates with Marxism > proletarian o those classes who are seen as silent, subjective, objectified can see things that can offend our political systems o allowing for agency linked to these positions Lorde Masters tools Particular way differences are configured Confront our conventional understanding of difference (masters understanding of difference) if we are going to dismantle systems of race, oppression Human difference is understood in simplistic terms o Binary oppositions o Underwrites forms of exploitations Create the other Those who are exploited are black and third world people, working class people, older class people, women
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