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Lecture 10

ANTH 2501 Lecture 10: ANTH 2501 – Feb25

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ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 22516 culture becomes a way of comprehending certain differences we have certain values and that makes us American, they have certain values we are subject to racial politics that exist in the US anthropologists have tended to be white; unmarked category of whiteness whiteness is a category understood differently but circulates globally literate vs illiterate these categories take a life of their own Lee Baker From Savage to Negro Michel RolphTrouillot The savage slot o Today is the modern west vs. the other Mohanty brings in discussion of colonial vs postcolonial Points to how differences at home are glossed over (race, class, nd sexuality) and overseas 2 wave feminism works to colonize other womens experiences and depicts them as women to be saved Goal of her research is to expose powerknowledge nexus in feminist, crosscultural scholarship, expressed through Eurocentric universal assumptions Major interventions: Points to different experiences and argues womens experiences in other parts of the world are homogenized Historical and sociocultural particularities that shape their lives are not accounted for and what are used to analyze are tropes; cookiecutter Women are portrayed as agentless victims, subject to patriarchy, male violence, etc. argues violence should be understood within the society Assumes sameness of women and commonality of oppression Presented as passive victims, dependents, victims of processes that impoverish them such as colonialism Recognize power relations through processes of differentiation Be attentive to hegemony and power of the West Be aware of discursive power and material power > capital relations, market economies, attentive to micro politics
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