BISC 1112 Lecture 13: Lecture13 Receptors

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Biological Sciences
BISC 1112
Robert P.Donaldson

Receptors ➔ Chemoreceptors, electromagnetic and thermoreceptors ◆ Olfactory ● Have thousands of receptors ● More surface area ● Odorants attach to the different receptors ○ Sent to the brain as a signal ◆ Taste cells ● 5 taste cell ○ Sweet ○ Sour ○ Omami ○ Spicy ◆ Platypus and sharks ● Both have electroreceptors ◆ Pit organs ➔ Mechanoreceptors ◆ Cutaneous receptors ● Skin receptors ● Nerve at different places in the external epithelium ● Light nerves near the surface epidermis ● Strong pressure and hair roots ○ In the dermis ◆ Propiorreceptores ● Sensory system that allows us to know where we are ○ Eyes close still know where limbs are ◆ Lateral line and ear ● Statocyst ○ Statolith like literal rocks ● Lateral line system ○ water passes right by ○ lateral line epidermis on fish ➔ Photo ◆ Rod and cone cells ◆ Indentation in photoreceptors ● Gives info on direction of light ◆ Single lens eyes ● Among vertebrates, some jellies, some molluscs ○ Camera like principle ○ Iris changes the diameter ◆ Compound eyes ● Great for detecting motion ○ Insects can h
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