FILM 2153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Kinetoscope, Mutoscope

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Week 1 Notes History of Cinema
Motion picture film- is a series of images that are projected one after the other
(sequential). Brain perceives it as a moving picture.
o Photography
1839- Gerotypes
Beginning of taking a picture (permanent image)
o Roll of Film- late 1880s
Allowed for a longer motion picture
Allowed for more scenes (photos) as opposed to using glass plates (roll of
film > 150,000 glass plates)
o Long exposure times
Unable to make fast paced films (boxing, etc.)
Zoetrope- a circle with small shutter holes along the sides, and when you spin it, the
pictures within the circle move to create moving film
o Sequential pictures exposed fast enough to create a moving picture
Edison created the roll of film, but did not invent motion picture altogether
o Other people around the world were doing similar things
o Edison was protected only in the U.S by his patent, therefore other people in the
world used his idea to further advance the industry
o Found in parlors
o Look into a giant box to watch moving pictures
o Meant for single person use
o Within a parlor, each kinetoscope had a different story/sequence of image
o A device that had different cards with still images (like an old fashion address
o As you cranked the scope, the cards will move sequentially creating a moving
Lumiere Brothers (1895)
o French brothers that worked in a factory that developed products for the film
o Created a camera that was able to record live motion picture rather than create
sequential pictures
o First to effectively project a motion picture to an audience
Average speed of frames was 16fps (feet per second)
o Lower the speed, the more contorted the visuals or vice versus
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