GEOG 1001 Lecture 8: Lecture 8: Asia Rising (Part 1)

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GEOG 1001
Lisa Benton- Short

Asia Rising: Part 1 Three Developing Economies Examined ● Japan and the Asian Tigers (1960-1997) ○ South Korea ○ Thailand ○ Singapore ○ Indonesia ○ Malaysia ○ Taiwan ○ Hong Kong ● China (1997-present) ● India (1990s-present) ~~~Japan and the Asian Tigers~~~ ● Rapid growth and reduced inequality ● From 1980-1997, these 7 nations accounted for 40% of all goods produced for LDCs Obstacles to Success in the 1950s and 1960s ● War recovery (Japan) ○ Infrastructure ○ Short supply of capital ● Weak natural resource base (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong) ○ Lack of oil, timber, minerals ● Reputation for shoddy goods (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong) ● Geography: far from major markets in North America, Europe Reasons for Success ● Cultural ○ Strong Confucian tradition ■ Belief in hierarchy (not upset if they are at the lower end - understand need to be in a specific role to improve collective good) ○ Emphasis on education ○ Cultural values of sacrifice ■ High personal savings, low consumption ● Government-business relationships ○ Strong state role in economy ○ Control production (vs market economy) ○ Target and support certain industries (like high tech ones) ■ Government investment ■ Tariffs eliminate foreign competition ■ Channel $$/loans to certain sectors Japan’s Success ● Converted strong national economy in
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