HIST 3001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia, Mens Rea

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4 Apr 2016
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
-Charged with individual criminal responsibility:
murder, crime against humanity (violation of laws of war), inhumane acts, attacks
on civilians
-why did they try him as a superior as well as for aiding and abetting
-Republika Srska: Serbian Republic— the portion of BiH that is Serb dominated that
they wanted to break away to merge with Serbia to that there could be a larger Serbia
-Zagreb, 40th PC— found responsible for wing in charge of those who shelled the city
and did not punish them, in Croatia
-aiding and abetting: supplying supplies to the troops to carry out the crimes
shelling and sniping in Sarajevo, Bosnia
-PC— personnel centers
allows someone to be part of JNA and VRS at the same time
-after Tito dies, the unity within the 6 republics begins to breakdown
-1991: Croatia and Slovenia declare independence
-the ethnic lines do not fall cleanly among the emerging lines of the newly formed
-Yugoslav Army (JNA) is going to be the most advanced army/ the center of power
determined who were the members of the JNA who were originally from Bosnia
anyway, make a VRS and set up personnel centers that will allow us to manage the
salaries and benefits of the people we want to loan to the Bosnian-Serb part
-40th PC in Croatia
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