HIST 3001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Ante Gotovina, Germain Katanga

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Published on 4 Apr 2016
Monday, April 28, 2014
-people of greatest concern are going to be those giving orders
-Perisic: which countries and what particular crimes
Zagreb— capital of Croatia
from Serbia
chief of the general staff of Yugoslav army
indicted him for not punishing those who shelled Zagreb and killed innocent
punished them for losing the Kraina, not for shelling Zagreb
the appeals chamber revoked all sentencing— just because he punishes them later
does not mean he had control of them during the time of the crime
there was an alternative chain of command and how they could not control the men
aiding and abetting was also thrown out by the appeals chamber— aiding and
abetting has to be directed at the specific criminal activity
-not just helping people who are waging war in general
-a few others have been acquitted:
Ante Gotovina: Croatian accused of another shelling
Jovica Stanisic: head of Serb intelligence service
-these acquittals have led a number of people to question where this is headed— is it
a failure?
-similar at ICC— hard to try Thomas Lubanga-Dyilo
-Ndugolo Chui— DRC
-Germain Katanga— DRC
-short answers: 2-3 sentences, just explain what it is, if you want you can saY the
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