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Lecture 2

HIST 3332 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Richard Sorge, Southeast Asia

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HIST 3332
Thornton Richard

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Thursday, September 1st, 2016
30’s were 3rd explanation: coalition building
1st was unstable resolution of WWI
2nd depression
When Hitler came to power in 1933, and began to talk to the Japanese about
collaborating, Stalin understood that the danger was a two front war agains the Soviet
Stalin’s strategy was to reverse his policy of industrialization since 1928 and adopt the
strategy of containing germany and japan
contain germany and japan + diverting them away from soviet borders
and then dealing directly with germany and japan
Germany did the same — building the alliance and attaching italy to it. Thought he had
friend in King Edward the 8th (he did)
U.S. was on the outside of all this even as FDR came into oce in 1933, the American
congress was moving towards isolation past neutrality laws that prohibited the U.S.
from selling weapons to protagonists
FDR wanted to become involved and recognized Soviet Union in 1933
understood that these military blocs and alliances would lead to conflict
if germany and japan did invade and destroy soviets, they would control the
eurasian landmass, and dictate terms to the rest of the world (FDR conception
and motive for getting w/stalin even though american people wanted no
involvement, 79% of them)
if Japan struck the U.S., then 45% of the american people said we had to act
Despite what seems obvious in terms of evolving coalitions, american scholarship
does not see strategies in action
don’t see that german and japanese coordinating (professor does)
don’t see russians trying to develop stu (professor does)
working together not with separate foreign policies
Stalin sees german rearmament program, comes at 7th common turn congress
(communist international)
june 1935, stalin announces that the soviet union was adopting a policy of the
2nd united front— 1st untied from was in china in the 20’s where he pushed
chinese communist/nationalists together to unite china so that communist could
take over (failed)
2nd involved containing germany and japan— he wanted to do that by signing
alliances with france and checoslovakia and china to counter japan and germany
Russians promoted idea of normalizing relations with countries and keep the
threat away from soviet borders
Russians would send hundreds of planes to build china’s airfare which was
Hitler had Edward the 8th in england— British royalty was intertwined with european
as hitler moved to expand his area of control, his first move was towards
rhineland, and knew edward would not hinder that nor would french
frenc had build line along french rhineland border and was spotty out in
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