IAFF 1005 Lecture Notes - Lecture 26: Computer Security, Jessica Mathews, Information Revolution

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13 Jun 2018
Friday Lecture: TCOs and Cyber Security
II. Transnational criminal organizations
A. Old problem: increasing since the end of the Cold War
B. Now: more states and more weak states
C. Globalization: expansion of trade, services, financial flows, expansion of
1. Easier now for organizations to hide and move money because of online finance
2. More demand for the services they provide → trafficking
D. TCOs: more persuasive, violent, influential, but also more professional in some ways
E. Security implications
1. Terrorism: connections to criminality
2. Trafficking: weapons/WMD, drugs, people
3. Corruption: impact on state capabilities
a) 114 states have “serious corruption problems” (60%)
b) No state is corruption-free
c) It’s growing due to globalization and rise of drug use and human trafficking
d) A transnational problem due to the rise of transnational criminal organizations
e) Corruption is a major threat to the rule of law and the functioning of states
F. Policy actions
1. Target both organizations and markets (demand for drugs)
a) Criminal, public health, and safety issues
2. Build regional/global capacities
3. Enhance intelligence and intelligence-sharing
4. Improve interdiction of trafficking
5. Strengthen protection of financial systems
G. Likely trends
1. Population growth, urbanization, climate change
a) More demand for the things being trafficked
b) More shortages of food, water, medicine, energy, resources
2. Mounting pressures on weak/failing states
a) Poor governance: poor delivery of core services that may turn people towards
illegal means
b) Larger black markets
H. Why this matters
1. May become more prevalent and stronger
2. May evolve “from an alternative form of governance to the preferred form of
III. Cyber-security
A. Who and what
1. Information producers exponential increase in numbers/types; massive increase in cost
2. Information distribution: expansion of global networks, massive decrease in cost
3. Information consumption: increase in users/volume; massive decrease in cost
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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