IAFF 3188 Lecture 4: IAFF 3188 - Sep20: Islamism Vs Nationalism Part 2

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International Affairs
IAFF 3188
Stephen Dachi

IAFF 3188: Political Islam 92016 First miniessay: Any questions are based on article packets, readings, lecture, and slides. No Hezbollah and Lebanon stuff on the test Test is first half of the class One question, write something for 50 minutes. A summary of what we think and our analysis. Open book test. Egypt MB introduced concept of Islamism in 1928. Islamism to them was a complete way of life, discussed in class that religion cannot be the basis for everything in life. Morsi was elected and then overthrown. Sisi has killed multiple MBs. Concepts of identity and stability that military dictators use to justify their actions. Prof has sympathy for Morsi. Couple of things he did that were unbelievable. Tourism is one of the big sources of income for Egypt, his minister of tourism was a very radical Islamist. He was going to make the laws, supreme court cannot overrule any more. Morsi set things up very naively. Tunisia Became independent after WWII, in 1957. Ben Ali came in 1987. 2011 first place where Arab Spring sprouted up. Arab Spring brought on by young people, similar in Egypt against Mubarak. Young people are the same people who later on revolted in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. Education system is out of date, doesnt teach skills that are required in the modern world, people cant get jobs, thats why it all blew up. To religious and civilian dictators, it doesnt matter. Similar to Saudi Arabia, education is based on religion, very primitive. They think religion is the answer to all the worlds problems, young people arent learning anything in schools, education is not good, dont get any good jobs, unemployment rate is very high. It wasnt general Sisi who took the first initiative, it was the young people who took over tahrir square trying to overthrow Mubarak. He did eventually leave and the young people got nothing out of it. Even Morsi didnt help. Saudis have been the wealthiest country around and tried to buy their people
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