IAFF 3188 Lecture 6: IAFF 3188 - Oct11: Iran

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International Affairs
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IAFF 3188
Stephen Dachi

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IAFF 3188: Political Islam 101116 Iran became visible to the world as the first place in the middle east after suez canal was built and oil was found First country to sort of become an oil power British set up IranianBritish oil company which kept all of the profits in British hands First emergence of energy power in the post WWI worldME 1950s Shah already in power (his father was the first shah) Tilt towards democracy, creation of parliament British taking advantage of Iranians at the time Tensions bc CIA overthrew Mossadeq Parliament had voted to nationalize Iranian British oil company British were angry about Iranians wanting to nationalize Very early in the Cold War when there was still a pipeline that was giving aid to the Soviet Union, fear that Iran was going to become communist. CIA got the idea of holding a coup, got mossadeq arrested, Shah came back and British got back a lot of what they had lost Coups were popular, US was doing this all over the place. Least justified coup Wasnt that devastating to Iran, but bad blow for democracy, shah seized control From the Iranian standpoint, the strongest thing today in Iran is the clergy and the clergy in Iran has always been important 90 shia country Clergy was not as concerned with what was going on politically Shah tried to modernize Egypt was in soviet zone of influence with Syria and Iraq Several wars bw Israel and its neighbors 1967 War Egypt and Jordan got weapons from Soviet Union; became known as 6 Day War. Israeli forces wiped out Egyptians. Israel got weapons from France. Humiliation for the Arab world. Abdullah Azzam Palestinian preacher. Said these countries lost the war bc they were not good muslims The countries that were defeated, remained in the soviet sphere of influence Influenced cycle of Islamization and going back to the roots of Islam (Iranian revolution) Aid was going to the Shah, trying to modernize When he discussed boys and girls going to school together, it brought the clergy to life and became critics of him (not the coup)
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