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Lecture 2

PSC 1000 Lecture 2: post-midterm class notes

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Political Science
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PSC 1000

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102716 Heckester Ohlin Theorem: predicts that the incomes of the relatively abundant factor will go up and the incomes of the relatively scarce factor will go down. There will be WINNERS and LOSERS in trade. Labor is the relatively scarce factor, you are in a good position. India you can pay people much less because there is abudant labor. 11116 McDonald Sweeney If a country used to have high tariffs on imports and they lower their tariffs: opens it up to international trade and makes the companies more competitive. Wanted to continue free trade. At the end of the day its about costs. Those domestic competitors politics (interest groups) makes a strong PRO TRADE group say they dont want war this happens more in a democratic nation because they care about their people Relative power is redundant because power is always relative Free trade > empowers groups that favor trade > opportunity cost of war for those groups > decreasing war Proff doesnt like the word special interest Selectorate Theory (true in every country) in any country there is a set of people or interests that are a part of the selectorate: get to choose who the leader will be Minimum winning coalition: set of people they hAVE to appease in order to maintain power more straightforward in a democracy Lupu In 1912 one country swerves and in 1913 the other country swerves so in 1914 they both think the other one will swerve then neither will Differences in power change, danger situation US and China trade A LOT> less likely to go to war because they trade so much 11316 Teeth to tail ratio teeth: people with guns
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