PSC 1003 Lecture 15: PSC 1003 Cold War

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Political Science
PSC 1003
Downes Alexander

Introduction to International Politics, Lecture 15, Week 9 31317 What was the Cold War? Bipolar geopolitical and ideological rivalry Competition for power, resources Intense, expensive Highly varied, global scope peaceful (not a hot war) Why Did the Cold War Happen? Three alternatives to early Cold War o United States dominates all of Europe o Soviet Union dominates all of Europe o General settlement with each power managing its sphere of influence Why NOT? Realist Reasons for Cooperation Nazi Germany = very nasty potential hegemon Posed most immediate threat To defeat it, willing to work with states that you dont necessarily like enemy of my enemy is my friend The Question of Poland Western democracy (a la 1938 British guarantee)? Soviet oneparty state (via Comintern)? 1943 Tehran Conference o Soviets demand, and get, eastern Poland Why? o Optimism about prospects for postwar cooperation o Soviet sacrifices and need for Soviet cooperation vs. Japan o Four Policemen Democracy: Yalta, February 1945 The big three!! Spheres of Influence: UK USSR October 1944 USSR: Romania and Bulgaria UK: Greece Split: Hungary and Yugoslavia ChurchillFDR: You can have E. Europe as long as it is democratic Doesnt happen
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