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Lecture 6

PSC 2478 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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Political Science
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PSC 2478
Rola Hussein

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Class Discussion on Good Night Good Luck Q = What does the movie tell u about the news in the 1950? limited channels available so people really only just watch one News channels were very monitored in order not to step on peoples toes o A lot more freedom than there is now ? The news had a lot more influence even newspapers were commenting on the reports of the news channel Only 1 female working in the news at the time Q = Mis en scene (the arrangement of scenery everything in the scene) what was it conveying? Black White to put us back in that time, making us feel like we are in the olden days Always Jazz singers** A lot of shadows A lot of smoking Made you feel like you were in the 50s There was a lot of archival footage Something out of a place at the end of the movie (an anachronism) when they leave this room they passed a TV with Eisenhower giving a speech he did give a speech but it was not during the 50s Movie came out in 2005
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