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SOC 1001
Jennifer Bronson

Intro to Sociology 1001 with Jennifer Bronson Lecture 4 / 05 September 2013 Attendance was NOT taken on September 5th. Sociological Theory  Theoretical perspectives- The conceptual frameworks that sociologists use to make sense of the world, they are used to explain and analyze various social actions, social processes, and how social structures work.  Ways of looking at social phenomenon and their relationships to each other.  Example: o Is restricting access to abortion a problem? Or is it the fact it’s available? o Why is “white collar” crime different from other types of crime? Theory and Methodology  The relationship between theories and reality  You start out with a Theory, because of deductions, you get a Hypothesis. Because of operationalization you get World Observations. When you analyze that you get Empirical Generalizations.  Deduction o Theory to Hypothesis to Observation to Confirmation and back again. An example of someone who does this is Sherlock Holmes.  Induction o Observation to Pattern to Tentative Hypothesis to Theory and back again. An example of someone who does this is Dr. House.MD. Levels of Theoretical Analysis  Macro Sociology o Study of large scale and long-term social processes of organizations, social structure, institutions and broad social patterns. This is the structure perspective. It also provides the social context in which micro-level action occurs.  Micro-Sociology o Study of social interaction, human behavior is based on individual’s interpretation of a situation and the meaning they give it, everyday life. This is the action or individual perspective. Micro level acts can change macro level structure  MACROSCOPIC O Society, fear, Culture, norms, S B beaurocracy, and values. U J and language. B E J C E T Perspectives, beliefs C I Patterns of the various facts of thT V behavior, action, social construction I E and interaction. of reality. V E MICROSCOPIC Theoretical Perspectives  Macro o Functionalism (structural) o Conflict Theory  Micro o Interactionism (symbolic) Functionalism  Society is a system composed of parts that work together to maintain a state of balance  If a social element exists and continues to persist through time and space, the
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