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George Washington University
SOC 1001
Jennifer Bronson

Intro to Sociology 1001 with Jennifer Bronson Lecture 5 / 10 September 2013 Attendance WAS taken on September 10th. Social Interaction, the Self, and Socialization Becoming a Person – Biology and Nature  Nature vs. Nurture. o Orphans who received routine care but were often ignored failed to develop social attachments. o Attachment Disorder is a disorder wherein children are unable to trust people and form relationships with others.  We are the result of genetics and environment.  The expression of many natural, bodily processes are shaped by culture. Social Interaction  Social actions are anything people do or don’t do because they are conscious of other people.  Social interaction is when two or more people taking each other into account. Such as civil inattention, nonverbal communication or saving face. The Self  The self is not a thing, but is a process of social interaction.  George Herbert Mead.  An individual’s personality, ideas and identity are socially constructed. This process happens as we interact with others and self reflect. o This is an ongoing thing, but is mostly solved in childhood. Statuses  Socially defined positions that people hold. o Master status- The most dominate status a perso
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