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SOC 1003
Martin Schwartz

Intro to Criminal Justice 1003 with Martin Schwartz Lecture 4 / 09 September 2013 Attendance WAS taken today. Political Definition of Crime  No white collar or corporate crime is in the Index Crimes  But half of the criminal justice system’s business is with drugs. The Dark Side of Crime  Is there a way to find out how many crimes are NOT reported? o National Crime Victimization Survey  76,000 households with 135,300 people over the age of 12 are surveyed ever 6 months on whether or not they were the victim of a crime, and if so, what kind of crime.  Homicide is not included, because you can not say someone killed you.  There is generally twice as much crime found out this way than the Uniform Crime Report.  50% of serious crime is reported to the police such as: rape or assault.  Less than 40% of property crimes is reported.  Crime rates showed a drop from 2000 to 20009, but have been slowly increasing since then. o Self-Report Survey  This uncovers an enormous amount of crime.  This is never administered outside of a school or in a country where school drop out rates are high.  EVERYONE does some crime, such as drugs, DUI, shoplifting, or underage drinking. Key Points  Uniform Crime Rate vs. National Crime Victimization Survey vs. Self-Report Survey.  The ‘Dark Side” of crime is very high.  It is not about criminals vs. non-criminals, it is criminals vs. less criminal. Cleary Act  A man’s daughter was raped on a college campus while she was attended school. He was unaware that such a thing could happen in college.  This act now requires all campuses to report crime statistics to the federal government AND post it online.  The act was made so that high school seniors could see the crime rates for colleges and pick the one they want.  Things that must be reported under the Cleary
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