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SOC 1003
Martin Schwartz

Intro to Criminal Justice 1003 with Martin Schwartz Lecture 5 / 11 September 2013 Attendance WAS taken today. How are crimes ranked? If someone commits rapes someone AND murders the person, is it counted as a murder AND a rape? No, it is ranked by whatever is higher. So it is only counted as a murder. Murder > Rape > Assault > Larceny. Sources of Criminal Law  Constitutional laws and provisions: the Bill of Rights.  Common law practices such as contempt of court.  Statutes written by legislature (the most common source of law).  Case decisions, most importantly these by the Supreme Court.  Administrative rules and regulations What is Crime?  Actus reus- voluntary, deliberate, illegal acts. Such as stealing or assaulting. Occasionally negligent acts. A failure to act when the law requires you to.  Mens rea- To do a crime with guilty intent. Such as stealing a phone from a purse. The intent is implied. Or negligent homicide. Mena rea and actus reus must be directly connected and harm must be done. An exception to mens rea is a strict liability offense.  It does not require inten
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