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Lecture 7

SPHR 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, Pecan Pie, Grammaticality

Speech and Hearing Science
Course Code
SPHR 2130

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SPHR Lecture 7: Syntax
Syntax: the process of forming sentences and phrases
Linguistic Expressions:
Words and Phrases having form (sound), meaning, and syntactic properties.
Sally, likes, & Bob all expressions
Sally likes Bob.
*Likes Bob Sally.
Native speakers can decide when a string of linguistic expressions is grammatical and
well-formed and which are not.
A reflection of a speakers’ mental grammar
“We are going to quickly wrap up this paragraph and move onto the next file.”
Syntax: Relation to Semantics
Intimate Relation:
Sally likes Bob. Bob likes Sally.
Principle of Compositionality: meaning of a sentence depends on the meaning of the expressions
and the way they are combined.
As a result even though the lexicon is finite, you can construct an infinite # of sentences.
Independent Relation:
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
*Green sleep colorless furiously ideas.
*Me bought dog.
Sally ate an apple. Sally devoured an apple.
Sally ate. *Sally devoured.
Syntactic Properties:
Word Order
Sally walked. Sally ate an apple.
*Walked Sally. *Sally an apple ate.
*Ate Sally an apple.
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