SCIPHUNV 13 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Autocorrelation, Henri Matisse, Sound Reinforcement System

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26 Jun 2018
SPU 13: Why You Hear What You Hear: Lecture Notes
Lecture 1: 1/23/17:
Part 1: Human Perception
Part 2: Musical Systems
Part 3: Controlling Voice and Instruments
o“Exactitude is not Truth” -Henri Matisse
Things we see in optical illusions are not what we see as truth
Smaller brain has faster processing
Neural signals travel about 75 mph
What is pitch and how do we perceive it?
Sine tones are incredibly boring
Synthetic vs. analytic listening
Is pitch real? Or is it a sensation, like taste, or touch, or hot and cold
oPitch seems to be a sensation. It is definitely real, but some people are better at it than
Risset Rhythm: our sense of rhythm can be altered through illusions
Lecture 2: 1/25/17
Siren demonstration
Horn demonstration with the horns formerly used in the science center rooms
Sound amplification is pretty darn sweet
Source Filter Theory
1100 ft/s is the speed of sound
Haas effect
oImportant in sound reinforcement systems
The sine (cosine) wave is the “atom” of sound
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find more resources at
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