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Lecture 14

FAMR 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Palliative Care, Hospitium, Death Care Industry In The United States

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Guest Speaker Notes
H & P of Hospice and Palliative Care
Rev. Dr. JP Sabbithi, BCC
Director of Counselign Services
Hospice Hawaii
HOSPICE: Bring Hope. Reduce Fears. Impact Lives.
What comes to mind when you hear the word hospice
Hope, most people think to have a chance open to the possibilities
What are the chances that you have? People don’t come to hospice to die, they come
to hospice to live. It’s not about death, it’s about life.
How Americans Die: A Century of Change
Age at Death
46 years
78 years
Top Causes
Infection, accident, child
Cancer, organ system
failure, stroke/dementia
Not much
2-4 years before death
Private, modest
Public, substantial.
83% in Medicare
½ of women die in
Religious companies, not insurance companies, started hospitals
**People qualify for hospice care at last 6 months of life
ACUTE CARE = hospitals
Example: straub, queen’s, kapiolani hospital, pali momi
Acute care is decreasing, and palliative care is increasing.
Palliative Care: when does one become eligible to receive hospice care? When the
risk comes close enough to death; 6 months
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