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Lecture 1

GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sub-Saharan Africa, Integrated Geography, Human Geography

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GEOG 102

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LECTURE 1: Introducing Geography
What is geo literacy and why is it important?
Geo Literacy is important because it has significant
implication for the way we see the world, and
therefore the policies and practices that affect our
neighborhoods, country, region, and world.
Among young Americans:
63% could not find Iraq on the map
50% could not find the state of NY on the map
20% think that Sudan is in Asia
48% believe that the majority population in India
is Muslim
What is geo literacy?
The ability to use geographic understanding and
reasoning to make far-reaching decisions in the
21st century
The Stool for Geo Literacy
Geographic perspective
Content knowledge
What is geography and what do geographers do?
What is geography?
Geography is an interdisciplinary discipline --
A common shorthand for geography is
why of the where”
Incorporates aspects from the fields of
science, arts, health, humanities, law,
business, engineering, and technology
Geography is something that you do, not
just know
Geographers identify relationships between
subjects, graft those relationships noto a
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