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Lecture 2

HPR 162 Lecture 2: Mental Illness

Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
Course Code
HPR 162
Bryn Catapano

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Mental Illness
Biological Causes
a. Genetics
i. OCD- SAPAP 4 (isolated gene)
b. In utero injuries
c. Traumatic brain injuries that can be linked
d. Complicated deliveries
e. Prenatal substance use
i. Teratogenic drugs cause birth defects
ii. Alcohol
f. Poor Nutrition
g. Infections
h. Physical/emotional trauma
i. Can cause parts of the brain to physically change.
ii. Hippocampus- memory-- distinguishing past from present.
1. Shrinks when you are exposed to trauma
iii. Amigdale: from trauma, psycho-therapy
1. Very aroused
2. Hypersensitive
3. Anxiety
4. Hypomania
a. Affect
i. Diagnostic tool- are the nervous, monotone, agitated… etc
1. Lethargy- have a hard time staying motivated
2. Expansive and energetic
3. Disinhibited- do something that they don’t usually do
a. Something inappropriate
b. Perception and cognition
c. Motivation and behavior
d. Interpersonal functioning
Mental Illness wasn’t seen as a real problem, until the late 1990’s
Freud: Psychoanalytic
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