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Lecture 3

HPR 162 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Beck Depression Inventory, Behaviour Therapy, Antipsychotic

Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
Course Code
HPR 162
Bryn Catapano

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1. Behaviorism
a. Pauloi/ BF
2. Cognitive Therapy
a. Aaron Beek
b. Beck depression inventory
c. Rational Emotive (REBT)-- Dr Albert Ellis
i. Behavior therapy
d. Deals with cognitions and perceptions
e. Gives patient and therapist a frame work
f. Begin to discover causes of pathology
g. Solution focused
h. Therapist has to try to be objective
i. Breaking the problem down to manageable pieces
j. Homework
k. Patient is actively involved in both treatment planning and the course of therapy
l. Goal- decrease the symptoms
m. Bring Awareness to the role they’re playing in their own demise
Mental illness is not a real illness
a. Disadvantages patients from seeking therapy
b. This is just how I am”
c. Misinformation or lack of causes patient not to understand their illness for tx
d. If quality services were more available, patients would do more.
i. A lot of patients don’t realize that they’re mentally ill
e. Patients on Antipsychotic Rxs are more violent
i. Truth- they may become violent if they are off their meds
1. People with mental illness are typically non violent
Myth Busting
PET scans
High Resolution EEG
TX only works if it’s voluntary
ii. They don’t like it, but you can get to the patient
iii. You can break through the resistance
iv. They prefer voluntary
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