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Lecture 7

HPR 162 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Dual Diagnosis, Herbalism, Medical Diagnosis

Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
Course Code
HPR 162
Bryn Catapano

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Dual Diagnosis
What is Dual Diagnosis?
a. More than one mental illness
b. Co-morbid conditions
c. Mental Illness and a substance abuse diagnosis
d. Medical diagnosis along with a psychiatric diagnosis
Integrative Treatment: Traditional Western treatments (use all)
[want to be able to treat both substance use disorder and mental health]
Treat the substance abuse first!
The two, co-occur very often
a. Alternative eastern medication
i. Aroma therapy
ii. Herbal therapy
b. Talk therapy
i. Meditation therapy
c. Rehab therapy
i. In patient transitioning to Out patient
5 Stages of Change
a. Pre-Contemplation
b. Contemplation
c. Preperation
i. Information gathering
d. Action
i. Getting to support group meeting
ii. Looking to treatment/going
iii. Cut off dealer
e. Maintanence
i. People, Places and Things
ii. System Management
iii. Living independently
iv. Getting symptoms under control
Individuals with dual illnesses are more likely to end up homeless
How Does Psychotherapy Work?
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