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Lecture 9

HPR 162 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Procrastination

Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
Course Code
HPR 162
Bryn Catapano

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Motivational Interviewing
a. Asking open ended questions
1. Calls for more discussion (unlike closed ended questions)
2. To establish a connectuon/engage them
a. Tell me what you like about ____?
b. Why do you think that?
c. How do you feel about ____?
b. Affirm the patient’s change related effort
c. Identify gaps
d. Asking patient’s permission
e. Resistance is dealt with a new confirmation
f. Develop an action plan
Carl Rogers
a. Humanistic Psychology
i. Client cultured therapy
ii. Reflective listening
1. Allow the patient to hear/see that that you understand them
Ambivalence---- Procrastination
(provoke anxiety)
Power differential--- being the dictator
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