HPR 162 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Substance Abuse, Psych

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Published on 29 Sep 2019
Hofstra University
Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
HPR 162
Lecture 15
Psychiatric Emergencies/ Crisis
1. Acute Outbursts of Pysch symptoms
2. Suicide (thoughts)
3. Outbursts of violence
4. Hyper emotionality
5. Turn inwards/shut down
6. Clinically distressing
7. Disorientation
8. Dymentia (sudden onset)
Out of the norm for this individual
Do you take action?
It depends on the situation
a. Circumstances
b. Your relation to the person
1. Substance abuse
2. Trauma
a. Head Trauma
b. Emotional Trauma
3. Medication changes
Suicide Risk Screening Tool
ASK Tool
The Columbia Severity
Were do they belong?
1. Emergency room, especially Psych ER
2. Someplace familiar
3. Agency Responsible Providers
4. Home
5. Parks & Beaches
What if it’s a child?
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