IB 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: United States Treasury Security, Costco, Technological Change

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IB 150 – Lecture 2
Introduction: Competing in a Global Environment
Recaptualizando: Globalization is under attack due to job loss, environment, and the benefits of
it are not shared equally among the population
International Business
Business conducted across national boundaries
It involves formulation of strategies and tactics to take advantage of internal opportunities
and respond to internal threats
Which country is the largest trading partner of the United States? China, Canada, Mexico…
Brazil dropped four spots from last year
The US exports much more than what it imports, but has the cash to do it because it is
the nation that most invest in other countries in the world!!!!
Which country has the largest surplus with the U.S.? China
Which country is the world’s leading exporter? China
Which country has the most direct investment (ex. Setting up a company in another territory,
different than buying stocks) in the United States? United Kingdom, companies like HSBC
Types of International Business
Merchandise exports and imports – the visible trades ($17.78 trillion, 2014)
Service exports and imports – invisible trades, ex: banking, insurance, accounting, airlines
80% of the US’ GDP, huuuuuuge
Investments – direct vs. portfolio investment
Strategic alliances by MNEs – joint venture, licensing, etc
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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