PSY 034 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Typesetting, Profit Sharing, Reward System

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Published on 27 Jul 2016
Employee Motivation
Employee Participation
Simply put, increase in employee performance when there is participation by
employees in setting goals
Providing Feedback
The goal is to make the employee realize what they need to improve
Positive Feedback
Should be specific
Should be sincere
Should be timely – after the presentation or after a day or two
Negative Feedback
Should be constructive
Concentrate on behaviors
Always give in private – don't humiliate someone in front of their peers
Rewarding Performance
Ex: promotion, raise, gift cards, vacation times
Operant Condition
Timing of the reward – immediate reinforcement is important
Contingency of the reward – big tip for good service, small tip for bad service
Type of reward -
Using individual or group-based incentives
Fairness of reward system
Premack Principle
Reinforce is relative
Can get people to engage in behaviors they don't like by reinforcing them with the
opportunity to engage in behaviors they like better, ex: making coffee for a break
during a study session
Behavior based
Sample Reinforcement Hierarchy
Time off from work
Lunch time
Working next to Wanda
Supervisor praise
Running the press
Getting printing plates
Throwing out oily rags
Cleaning the press
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find more resources at
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