PSY 034 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Group Cohesiveness, No. 11 Group Raf, Social Loafing

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27 Jul 2016
Lecture 11 – Group Behavior, Teams and Conflict
What is a group?
Multiple members
2 or more people
Perceive themselves as a group and interact in some way
Gordon (2001)
Members of group must see themselves as unit
Group rewards – reward can be only satisfaction
Corresponding effects – axis of one individual affecting others, ex: someone doesn't
do his part in the project and everyone else has to cover for him
Common goals
Why People Join Groups:
Situation Reasons
Physical proximity
Psychological Needs
Affiliation prisoners who were able to form groups had better mentality and
organize more prison escapes;
Identification - dress like a hippie because you identify with that generation
Survival Needs
Emotional support - people who have similar problems band together for support,
ex: AA
Assistance or help
Common interests
Common goals
Factors Affecting Group Performance
Group cohesiveness – is everyone in the same page?
Extent to which group members like an trust one another (Beale, Cohen, Burke &
McLendon, 2003)
Are committed to accomplishing common goal
Share a feeling of group proud
Group cohesiveness affects:
Decision quality
Greater member satisfaction
More member interaction – everyone participates equally
Employee courtesy – nice to each other
Not always needed for success, but in general groups that are highly cohesive
perform well, make good decisions with motivated people
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