PSY 034 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Job Satisfaction, Role Conflict, Absenteeism

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27 Jul 2016
Lecture 18 - Stress Management
The psychological and physical reaction to certain life events or situations
The life event that causes stress
The consequences of stress
Types of stress
Eustress, aka challenge stressor
Stress converted to positive energy
Desirable outcome of stress
Motivational results
Optimal level of arousal
Negative outcome
Decrease in health and performance
Results in emotional and physical illness
Predisposition to Stress
Stress personalities
Type A (react badly to stress) vs. Type B (more laid back)
Neuroticism, people who are high to neuroticism are more likely to react negatively to
stress, more likely to panic
Gender, Ethnicity, Race – studies results are conflicting
Minorities suffer more from stress, minorities can be transgender, people with disabilities
Stress Sensitization
Amount of stress you have experienced throughout life seems to affect how well you will
handle stress
Sources of Stress
Personal Stressors
Occupational stressors
Job characteristics
Organizational characteristics
Personal stressors
Fear of the unknown
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find more resources at
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