PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Negative Affectivity, Psy, Counterproductive Work Behavior

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 11
Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB)
Definition: voluntary behavior that violates significant organizational norms and threatens
the well-being of the organization, its members, or both
CWB-O: deviant behaviors directed toward organization
CWB-I: deviant behaviors directed toward individual
Interpersonal deviance: harassment, gossip, verbal abuse, and fighting - if you abuse other
coworkers you’re likely to undermine the person’s productivity
Organizational deviance: property deviance (theft, damage, sabotage) and production
deviance (absence, tardiness, long breaks, substance abuse, sloppy work)
Situational constraints: things or situations at work that interfere with task performance
Social stressors: caused by the people, workplace incivility (unidirectional), workplace
interpersonal conflict (bidirectional)
Distributive injustice – how you distribute reward and merit
Procedure injustice unequal way of evaluating performance, related to evaluation of
employee’s input, output etc
Interactional injustice related to social stressors, other people treat you unfairly, ex:
people always talk to you in a condescending way
Who will be more likely than others to engage in CWBs?
People high in conscientiousness are less likely to engage with CWB, especially when they
love their working environment
People high in negative affectivity are more likely to engage into CWBs
People high in narcissism are more likely to engage in CWBs
Theoretical Models of CWBs
Self-control model of CWBs: CWB is a lack of self-control (state of mind, not completely
Stressor/emotion/CWBs model: CWB is an emotional reaction to any type of job stressor,
the relationship is mediated by negative emotions
CWB is not drawn by emotions all the time, sometimes it is just intentional
Cognition Model of CWBs: CWBs are results of cognitive responses to organizational
Bruk-lee & Spector (2006)
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find more resources at
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