PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Psy, Human Nature, Role Conflict

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 15
Job Demand & Resources
Job Demand and Control Model
Job Demand and Job Control – Karasek (1979)
Job demand – job characteristics that require you to respond
Time pressure
Role conflict
Emotional demands – regardless of how tired you are, you cannot show it during the job
Psychical demand
Job Control – one’s control over job
Skill discretion: the chance of using knowledge and skills
Decision authority: the autonomy in making task related decisions
Job control is a moderator between demand and well-being, more job control less
emotional constraints
Job Demand Control and Support Model – Johnson and Hall (1988)
When you confront a demanding work, and you are lack of job control think about your
Social support: support, help, and assistance received from others
Emotional support
Instrumental support
Informational support – some direction/guidance is given
Social support may substitute for lack of job control
Just knowing that one is cared for and that one could request support from others is often
comforting in its own right
Three-way interaction of job demand, control, and social support
Whether job control can buffer the effect of job demand on well-being depends upon
the level of social support
Not consistently supported
Social support may not always be supportive
Social support efforts may be perceived as controlling or directive by the recipient
Under adverse situation, people need to shore up a sense of self
Asking for help = threats to self
Social support should meet the specific needs of the recipient
Unmatched support
Cultural differences
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