PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Ingroups And Outgroups

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 18
Leadership: The Art of Influencing
The Core Element of Leadership
Leader is someone who influences, or attempts to influence, other people
The behaviors involved in exerting this influence can be called leadership
Leadership = influencing people
Three stages of leadership
Attempted leadership: the leader takes up the responsibility to change person A, displays
attempting action
Successful leadership: person A changed his/her behavior as a result of the leader’s actions
Effective leadership: person A is satisfied and rewarded due to his/her change, some
mutual goals between the leader and person A have been accomplished
Leadership is the nature of influencing others
Leadership is a win-win situation for both the leader and the lead
Leadership no only emphasizes on what should do, but more importantly, how to do
Leadership Tasks
Borman & Brush (1993): 18 factor of managerial performance
Differentiates leadership out of common managerial tasks
Determines what effective leadership represents
6 out of 18 factors reflect leadership
Guiding, directing, and motivating subordinates
Training, coaching, and developing subordinates – based upon mutual trust
Maintain good working relationships
Coordinating subordinates and other resources to get the job done
A good supervisor/manager might not be a good leader
Trait Approach of Leadership
Traditional View: leaders were born with a certain type of trait, e.g. “great man” theories
Leadership is not solely about the possession of certain traits
Those traits were unclearly defined
Neglect the role of situation where leadership operates
Modern View
Personality and characteristics could predict leadership
Those personalities were behaviorally defined
Characteristics were ability and skill based
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