PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Society For Human Resource Management, Life Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 19
Work Attitude
History of Job Attitude
1930 – most of the employees were happy
Hawthorne effect
Job Attitude
Relatively stable feelings or beliefs that are directed toward specific persons, groups, ideas,
jobs or other objects
Job Satisfaction
Positive attitude or emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience
Why is job satisfaction one of top concern in managing employees?
Fewer occupational injuries
Customer satisfaction, productivity, profit, safety, and employee retention
Highly related to OCBs
Task performance
Less turnover
Less absenteeism
Life satisfaction and well being
There have been some estimates that the actual cost of dissatisfaction can rise to 1,5 times
the salary of an unhappy and productive individual who leaves an organization
An interesting debate: does job satisfaction improve company effectiveness or company
effectiveness promote job satisfaction
High performance practices improves job satisfaction
Money should be invested into high performance practices
Pay for performance
Pay for skill acquisition
Pay for training
Pay for performance management
How to Measure Job Satisfaction
Two approaches:
Overall job satisfaction – I feel fairly satisfied with my present job
Facets of job satisfaction
Satisfaction with supervision
Satisfaction with pay
Satisfaction with career development
Satisfaction with work itself
Satisfaction with coworkers
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