PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Glass Ceiling, Psy, Gender Role

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 20
Gender Diversity in the Workplace
Gender Stereotype
A stereotype is used to categorize a group of people
In an attempt to understand that “type” of person, society puts them into classifications
Assuming that everyone who is a member of the classified group has certain distinguishing
Or that anyone who has this combination of attributes, is a member of the group
Gender stereotypes, then are used for categorizing men and women
Industries of high growth occupations
Health care and social assistance – tend to be feminine dominated
Educational service – tend to be feminine dominated as well
Gender Trigger and Situation Ambiguity
Gender triggers: a form of precipitating situation that provoke gender-related behaviors
Role representation (negotiating for self/other) as gender trigger
Entitlement theory: women experience lack of deservedness for self but not for similar
Backlash theory: women face resistance when engaging in non-stereotypical behavior
Situation as gender triggers: strong vs. weak situations
Strength of situation affects the extent to which individual differences influence behavior
Strong: clear behavioral expectations  effects of ID minimal
Weak: unclear behavioral expectations  greater effects of ID
Study something
Background and theories
A recent assumption being promoted: a women’s career actions result of individual choice
rather than structural barriers
Disjoint model of agency: actions are freely chosen, independent of social contexts in which
they occur, and contingent POWERPOINT
Contemporary discrimination: although blatant expressions of sexism in work place declining
discrimination not disappearing but only becoming more subtle
Gender microaggressions: intentional or unintentional acts or behaviors that communicate
exclusion humiliation, insult, oppression, or otherwise hostility or inference towards women
Discrimination continuum:
Microinvalidations encompass “actions that exclude, negate, or nullify the psychological
thoughts, feelings, or experiences of people of color
Microinnuslts involve “actions that convey insensitivity, are rude or directly demean a
person’s racial identity or heritage
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