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ANT 176
Mark Hunter

Ant 175Tuesday March 18 20141237 PM Spring 2014Lecture notes 03182014Hunter What does it mean to be civically engagedknow whats going on around youInvolved in the communtiyAwarenessWhy is it important Understanding that it is everyones responsibility to respond to social issues in our community The more meaningful life can beeconomics of happinessPolitical engagement Excercising you right to voteRunning for officesBeing informed on political issuesTrying to change policy Make a difference in policy to change wasteA better material than plastic for fast food restaurant to use that is recyclableCultural changes at one point throwing trash out the window was very much acceptable But then a huge campaign took place for littering now its against the law and more people are throwing trash in the garbage can Having a sense of CRITICAL CITIZENSHIP involves being active in the political part of our society one step closer than civic engagement More than just service learning and volunteeringNATIONSTATE
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