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Lecture 28

BSC 196 Lecture 28: lecture 28

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Biological Sciences
BSC 196

The development of a seed into a flowering plant includes several stages ◦ Endosperm development ◦ Embryo development ◦ Seed dormancy ◦ Seed germination ◦ Seedling development ◦ Flowering The first mitotic division of the zygote splits the fertilized egg into a basal cell and a terminal cell Seed dormancy increases the chances that germination will occur at a time and place most advantageous to the seedling Breaking seed dormancy often requires environmental cues, e.g., temperature or lighting changes Most seeds remain viable after 1-2 years of dormancy; some last only days; others can remain viable for centuries Germination depends on imbibition=uptake of water due to low water potential of the dry seed The flowers of a given plant species are synchronized to appear at a specific time of the year to promote outbreeding A fruit is the mature ovary of a flower It protects the enclosed seeds and aids in seed dispersal by wind or animals Fruits are classified based on developmental origin ◦ Simple fruits develop from a single or several fused carpels ◦ Aggregate fruits result from a single flower with multiple separate carpels ◦ Multiple fruits develop from a group of flowers called an inflorescence ◦ Accessory fruits develop from plant parts that are not carpels Fruit & Seed dispersal mechanisms include ◦ Water ◦ Wind ◦ Animals Fragmentation, separation of a parent plant into parts that develop into whole plants ◦ A very common type of asexual reproduction In some species, a parent plant’s root system gives rise to adventitious shoots that become separate shoot systems Apomixis is the asexual pr
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