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Lecture 9

BSC 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Nucleolus, Nuclear Membrane, Pinocytosis

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BSC 197
Wade Nichols

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Nucleus Ribo ER
Cellular Uptake (major ways cells acquire large samples from
-Phagocytosis- "cell eating" or engulfment
Amoebae (outside humans) or macrophages (inside)
Cell produces pseudopod to surround large object
-Pinocytosis- "cell drinking" or cell sipping (delicate slurps)
Vesicle (bubble with membrane inside cell) forms and brings in liquid to sample it
-Endocytosis- "receptor mediated" or bring something inside cell
A specific receptor-target interaction triggers
Forms coated pit and vesicle
Vesicle Nomenclature
Phagocytosis = phagosome
Pinocytosis = pinosome or uncharted vesicle
Endocytosis = endocytic vesicle or coated vesicle
Nucleus (Control center of cell)
-Where DNA is contained (membrane bound)
-Site of transcription and RNA modification and maturation
-Normally only one per cell unless cell is actively dividing
Nucleus Membrane
-Double membrane with perinuclear space in between
-Very important for cell function
Allow separation of mRNA from translational machinery
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